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vendredi 9 mai 2008

Home sweet home

First days home were tough though... I felt I needed to hide myself from friends and acquaintances, by avoiding the strategic Eurocrats hubs and by using my hijab every now and then, when risks were too high to bump into someone I know. Nothing has changed, people are still working hard on their complaints about life or on the Friday's scoring business. Yet, I am back in my home country, the culture shock is definetely here again, and sometimes, believe it or not, things are more absurd than in Iran or India. However, I've decided to keep on "backpacking" in my own city, to discover it with fresh eyes. I am therefore right now in an Internet cafe, currently writing this new post. Yes, I know I could do it from home but it is just not the same!


And, after a walk in Brussels, it comes as naturally and simply as that that you don't necessarily need to go very far away in order to get some bites from the world. At the time of writing, on my left hand side, an Afghan is sipping some tea and greet people entering his internet cafe with a warm Salaam Aleikom. On the Jeu de Balle square in the Marolles, Belgians, Africans and Arabs sell stuff (there is no other word, just non identifiable stuff) and antiques, and the wonderful bargaining game may start again.

Un homme en noeud papillon, les lunettes rondes sur le nez, vend des vieux costumes d epoques. On devine, dans le tas de fripes, des croix rouges du temps des croisades, du velours bien lourd, des broderies dorees. Il me regarde et me lance un "comme ca va fifille?", tout simplement. On parle du beau temps, un au revoir, un sourire et je m'eloigne. Conversations, toujours a propos du temps, un beau ciel incroyablement bleu depuis 5 jours embellit la Belgique. "Il fait chaud maintenant". "Ah oui, c'est comme en Afrique". Tout ca, avec une petite pointe d'accent belge. Que du bonheur. Un autre homme, marocain, au tutoyement facile, me fait les yeux doux depuis ses vieux coffres de bois vermoulus. "Tu es vietnamienne?". Voila, 5 mois durant lesquels j aurai subi quotidiennement les "you, Korea?", et c'est finalement a Bruxelles que les choses deviennent simples et evidentes. Les gens ici, comme ailleurs, sont charmants et ouverts. Pas forcement besoin de courir le monde. Meme si je le referai... bien sur! 


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