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dimanche 17 février 2008

Camel Light

No news for the next couple of days... I am off for a camel safari into the desert, and then a big festival will be held (with the elections of Mister Moustache, tout un programme...) with Fred, Moanna and Patrick, 2 canadians met on our way down to Rajasthan (decidement, le Quebec reste une valeur sure de nos jours... c'est correct. A bientot!
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dimanche 17 février 2008


Frontiere Pakistan-Iran... Lahore se trouve a 23 km. Tous les soirs s'y tient le show le plus incroyable entre Indiens et Pakistanais. De chaque cote, a la fermeture des frontieres, guardes pakistanais et indiens rivalisent dans leurs demonstrations et se toisent du regard. De chaque cote, une ambiance unique, avec des supporters en furie, conduit respectivement par Monsieur Pakistan et Monsieur Inde au micro. Quant on pense qu au Cachemire, 500 km plus haut, c est la guerre... ici tout est tres cordial et bon enfant.
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dimanche 17 février 2008

Mirror, mirror

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mercredi 13 février 2008


After another crazy journey (for the record, 12 hours on a jeep passing a moutain with no heating on the car and windows wide open followed straight after by 6 hours on a bus confined with 7 other guys in the driver's cabin , while Fred was comfortabely seated on a reclining seat - ces mecs tous des chochottes je vous jure! ;) -, I got to Amritsar, the city of the Sikhs, heart of their religious pilgrimage. The Golden Temple, a huge building dedicated to the religion is a very impressive piece. 30.000 pilgrims come here every day, and... [Lire la suite]
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mercredi 13 février 2008

100 % Cachemire

4 days in Kashmir, for a unique sightseeing on the Dal Lake, surrounded by the Himalayan chain (well, I think... anyway, big moutains, you know what I mean... with a hell lot of snow...). A little bit of Pakistan as I would imagine it... yet, it is not Pakistan. And it is not India neither. It is just Kashmir, where 400.000 soldiers are based. It really feels like entering a war zone when landing there (huh, well it is actually a war zone). Barb wires all over the city of Srinigar, soldiers, check points, etc. Brrrrrr! Very... [Lire la suite]
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samedi 9 février 2008

Jiminee Cricket

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vendredi 8 février 2008


Lorsque Charles, le quebecois, rejoint par ses amis a Bangkok, s est vu offrir une terrine de col-vert et un camembert, j avoue avoir ete legerement jalouse, mais en bonne bouddhiste, je n en ai rien laisse transparaitre... mais c etait oublier le genre de copains qui pensent a moi et la French connection qui, forcement, ne pouvaient pas ne pas me gater, profitant de la presence de Fred en Inde... ;) et c est que je ne suis pas connue sur le continent comme etant une grosse bouffe pour rien! Alors mille fois merci encore pour le... [Lire la suite]
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jeudi 7 février 2008

Happy new year!

Euuuh, nope, I haven't lost my mind since in India... but today is the Chinese New Year!!!! We are leaving the year of the Pig (well, hopefully all the pigs...) for the year of the Rat (Myanmar was a precursor...). Bonne annee donc a tous! Chuc mung nam moi!
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mercredi 6 février 2008

Mise en biere

Kingfisher... Does it ring a bell to you? Well, because to me, it is a beer brand (don't fool a Belgian.. ;) Right. Then, it came as a surprise that I had to fly from Kolkata to Delhi with a company named Kingfisher Airlines! Doors were left wide open for my craziest fantasies: how cool that would be to fly with Jupiler Airways, Leffe Airlines or the supreme: De Garre Airlines!!! Classy huh? Gosh, it reminds me how much I miss a good beer and not the donkey pees we have got thus far (les copains, instead of sending me tons of tampax,... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 4 février 2008

Noeud gordien

Is there any rational explanation for this: I'd spent 5 weeks in Myanmar, hadstreet food twice a day, got food all the time from locals on the trains/bus/pick-up, ate new unidentified stuff every 3 days, brushed my teeth with water coming from the river, and except small bubbling rushes on the boat after having had a strange thick brown fermented fish sauce offered by the cargo crew to accompany my whisky- no comment -, my stomac bravely survived (unlike other travel buddies...). So why am I sick now, in BKK and only after 2 days,... [Lire la suite]
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