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samedi 22 décembre 2007

Made in China

Last days in China before heading to Laos... Last trips on Chinese trains as well, which nonetheless constitute a great experience! Sharing for some 18 hours a small living space with Chinese people is very fascinating: how much they can eat, what they eat, how much they can sleep, how easy for them it is to create new links and chat for hours with total strangers... (sometimes hitting and scoring as well ;) I am going to miss that, especially now that I know that my next trip by bus to Vientiane will take 40 hours... So my... [Lire la suite]
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mercredi 19 décembre 2007

Le pied a l'etrier

Being sick, I have no shame considering it to be justified that the 2 following posts will be in French (and mostly directly copied from my notebook... ;) Me voici de retour de 5 jours en randonnees equestres dans le Sichuan du Nord, la ou les premiers villages tibetains se dressent sur les flancs de montagnes entre 2500 et 4000m d'altitude. C'est donc plus ou moins armee de tous mes vetements sur le dos (mes 4 T-shirts) que je suis partie affronter le grand froid. Bien sur, comme cela devient une habitude maintenant (comme de... [Lire la suite]
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vendredi 14 décembre 2007

Salvation army

Not that easy to travel in China nowadays. As I mentioned it previously, trains are currently crowded with soldiers heading to their base camps all over the country. To get to Xi'an, I had to take a ride on a tuk-tuk for half an hour, walk across muddy corn fields for a while, before getting to the higway and jump on a bus that was on its way to Xi'an. Again, a very surreal Chinese moment... The main interest of Xi'an is its terracotta army, discovered by a farmer in 1974. 8000 soldiers were buried with the Emperor in order to... [Lire la suite]
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mardi 11 décembre 2007


Pingyao, patrimoine mondial de l' Unesco depuis 1997 et ancienne cite Ming, magnifiquement preservee derriere ses remparts de pierres. Dommage que le brouillard empechait de l apprecier a sa juste valeur... cela dit, cela conferait a la ville un air tres mysterieux et fantomasgoresque (si ce mot existe en francais... a force d entendre du chinois et de parler anglais comme un chinois et de ne plus parler francais, j'en perds tout mon latin).
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lundi 10 décembre 2007

Froid de canard (laque)

Les premiers neiges sont tombees sur Datong, petite ville provinciale proche de la Mongolie interieure. Principalement productrice de charbon et bastion de l' armee chinoise, la ville n'est pas veritablement attrayante de prime abord. Le froid et la neige n aidant pas (vous connaissez ma passion pour la neige et la glisse...), l' envie de m' y attarder n' etait pas trop presente. Seulement, il est relativement difficile en ce moment de se procurer des billets de trains car en effet, la Chine effectue un changement de ses troupes... [Lire la suite]
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samedi 8 décembre 2007

Go west

Tonight I am heading to the West, closed to Inner Mongolia, to the city of Datong. I am quite sad leaving Beijing, since I have been positively surprised by it. Indeed, I had never been really keen on big cities and more generally on China but I reckon that Beijing gave me a very good first impression and managed to reconcile both disliked aspects. This is all promising for the future! So as to Beijing... Chaud patate pour: - The Lama Temple, biggest Tibetain temple in Beijing. A very special atmosphere, the smell of... [Lire la suite]
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vendredi 7 décembre 2007

Beijing 2008

When talking about pictures, photographers and tourists, the Yapenese band style would pop up immediately. Masses of Japenese tourists standing in front of the tiny Manneken Pis gives a pretty good image of their artistic skills... Well, but have you ever noticed Chinese positions when shooting? Their style is quite impressive as well. Not sure they are part of the Olympic games team, but they could give it a try, don't you think?
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mercredi 5 décembre 2007

The long March...

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mardi 4 décembre 2007

Permis de tuer

2 things you realise when you arrive in Beijing, is that, if you want to go from one point to another, by not using a car, you incur a even higher risk of dying from a crash. Je m' explique: If you are a pedestrian, forget about your own safety. Crossing a street requires a concentration tantamount to the one you need when dealing with an official delegation (i.e. meaning a lot). You have to look everywhere for everything. I' ve opted for the "follow-the-0thers" solution. So far, so good but very scary. Then if you... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 3 décembre 2007

The Middle Empire

1 billion of inhabitants. 2 billions of slanty eyes. And me and my own slanty eyes, in the middle. Already on the plane, I felt like being in China. There were maybe only 4 Western people and you could not really say at first glance that I was one of them... Walking around the Forbidden City, not only I was impressed by the massive and historical nature of the site, but also I felt again so little and lost in the middle of all the Chinese. People keep on addressing to me in mandarin and of course I have no clue of what they are... [Lire la suite]
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